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Evaporative coolers, also known as Swamp coolers are of help machines for people that are looking to cool the homes of theirs. They are ideal in places where the weather is dry and hot. They are the ideal choice for people that are looking to cool their home without spending a lot.
Evaporative air flow coolers are chosen over air conditioners since they consume less energy. If you use evaporative coolers you can reduce your energy consumption by more than 33 percent. Nevertheless, you to operate these coolers you require a lot of water. In places where the mineral content is water is high, you may demand more water to flush the minerals with the portable ac unit.
The functioning of these coolers is not hard and is based on the concepts of evaporation. There is a small engine in the cooler that pumps water from the floor to the top, wherever it falls on the pads which are fixed on the sides. The next engine is used to get the fan that pulls air that is hot from outdoors with the damp pads and pushed the cool air into the house of yours. The water in the pads evaporates when hot air is pulled by the cooler. The water level in the machine in maintained with the help of a floating sphere which is akin to the person that's found in your water tank of your toilet.
Since evaporative air coolers can be used only in areas that are dry and hot, they're less efficient in places which have a humid climate. Humid climate has a negative impact on the working of these coolers as moisture doesn't evaporate enough and fast cool air just isn't generated. Furthermore, these machines require constant supply of fresh water which might be an issue in dry area.
Unlike air conditioners, evaporative air coolers need continuous care and attention of home owners. Since they perform on the principle of evaporation, when water evaporates salts and minerals present in the water is left behind on the pads. When you do not clean the pads, they will hard and often will absorb less moisture. Some more modern models include timer which eliminates the salt water after certain amount of specified hours. Since salt water is taken off the device, you do not need to go through the problems of cleaning the pads.
Many house owners prefer making use of evaporative air coolers because they don't have an adverse influence on the environment. Air conditioners are known to release gases which can adversely affect the environment. Since, swamp coolers work towards the concepts of evaporative they do not damage the surroundings of ours.

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