How should I prepare for a health check? Disease problems today Many diseases cannot be diagnosed immediately. But laboratory tests, such as blood tests, urine tests, are necessary, and หมอออนไลน์ the results of the diagnosis are taken into account in order to plan a treatment. But did you know? How should he prepare for this examination? and what are the benefits Let's go see.

Blood test
• How should I prepare before the test?
should rest enough Avoid exercise that is too strenuous, refrain from drinking alcohol, refrain from certain drugs (consult a doctor first every time). You can eat normally. except for the detection of sugar and fat in the blood You should abstain from food for 8-12 hours before the blood draw. (Can drink plain water)

• How much blood is required for each blood test?
Use about 8 – 10 cc. of blood, which is considered very small compared to the total amount of blood in the body that is about 5,000 cc., so it has no negative effects on the body.
Each blood donation The donor will lose about 400 cc. of blood without any danger.

• How long does it take to know the results?
About 1 hour. For routine blood tests such as complete blood counts. liver and kidney function tests blood sugar and fat levels But for some special tests, it may take days for results to be known, such as blood culture results.

• punctured blood What can be used to test?
- Blood count To help diagnose blood diseases such as thalassemia, leukemia
– liver function test Helping to find the cause of jaundice Help diagnose liver disease such as hepatitis
– check kidney function Help in the diagnosis of kidney disease such as renal failure
- check the level of lipids in the blood. Help in the diagnosis of hypercholesterolemia. which is a risk factor for coronary heart disease
- check blood sugar levels Help in the diagnosis and follow-up of treatment in diabetic patients
– check hormone levels. Helps diagnose endocrine diseases such as toxic thyroid disease
- Check for infectious diseases, both bacterial, fungal and viral
- Check to confirm the diagnosis of auto-immunity diseases such as SLE, arthritis rheumatoid arthritis
In addition, there are many types of special examinations. which the treating doctor will consider sending for examination as appropriate

• What test is better for monitoring diabetes outcomes than blood sugar testing alone?
Hemoglobin A1C monitoring is more helpful in monitoring diabetes than blood sugar testing. alone Because it can tell the patient's blood sugar levels within the past 2-3 months.

• Blood tests can tell whether certain causes of anemia are
possible, such as iron deficiency anemia. thalassemia anemia The breakdown of red blood cells, etc.

• Can heart disease be diagnosed with a blood test? Yes
, because of the history of chest pain. physical examination ECG Together with the blood test, it will help to diagnose myocardial ischemia effectively. Today's blood tests are so developed that they can be used to diagnose ischemic heart disease within hours of symptom onset. and also help distinguish diseases with similar symptoms This allows doctors to treat patients properly.

• Can "kidney disease" be diagnosed by a blood test?
Yes, because the blood test can indirectly tell the efficacy of eliminating waste from the kidneys. By observing the amount of waste left in the blood. and when taken in conjunction with the diagnosis together with the history of illness physical examination and urine test results It will help diagnose or confirm the occurrence of kidney disease correctly.
benefit of "Urine test" has many reasons. Whether it's telling about a kidney disorder and urinary system It can tell both functional disorders such as renal failure and anatomical abnormalities such as infectious inflammation, stones, etc.

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