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are Pit Viper stickers regarded as part of the elite "I just really want to work hard and become the best player I can be. Wherever that may lead me, that's where it will lead," said Brown. "There's a lot going on right now, a lot to learn. Our picks for this week games . Our picks for this week's games . And more.. 11. Kansas City Chiefs (38 overall)Even though quarterback Alex Smith hasn't shown he's of championship caliber, things look bright for the Chiefs this season. They may not win a Super Bowl any time soon, but the rankings show that the players have heart (ranked 42 overall, with high scores from their fans in "shows a Fjallraven raven 28 commitment Pit Viper goggles to winning" and "players give their best effort"), and head coach Andy Reid continues to settle in and produce winning results.

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