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  • Types of Sewing Machines and their Uses


    Types of Sewing Machines and their Uses A sewing machine consists of four basic mechanisms: a take-up mechanism, a needle-motion mechanism, a material-feeding mechanism, and a bobbin. Its proper operation requires a delicate balance of these mechanisms.…

  • Injection molding


    Injection molding It is usually slow and inefficient to mold thermoplastics using the compression molding techniques described above. In particular, it is necessary to cool a thermoplastic part before removing it from the mold, and this requires that the…

  • How It Works: A Lean, Mean Nail Gun


    How It Works: A Lean, Mean Nail Gun Pneumatic nailers can slash the time it takes to fasten everything from window trim to roof rafters. The basic guts of the tool haven't changed since the 1960s: Compressed air pushes a piston that drives a rod, forcing…

  • All About Pneumatic Nailers


    All About Pneumatic Nailers Air-powered nail guns offer many advantages that the hammer-and-nail approach, no matter how honorable, can't hope to match. What Counts: Type of fastener Maximum and minimum length of the fastener Ease of clearing…